Billing Your Way


Bill My Way is actually Bill Your Way

Invoicing Solution gives your customers choices that cut costs and speeds processing

The Bill My Way system allows businesses to invoice their customers in any of three ways; paper invoices via US Mail, secure email, or fax. We call this our Triple Play Invoicing Solution.

The business decides, the customer decides, or a combination of factors helps make a decision of how invoices will be sent to customers.  The further businesses get away from paper invoices—the lower the cost. As a bonus, online payments help improve your cash flow.

The choice is now up to the business and development costs are no longer an issue; There is nothing to buy and nothing to install.  Most customers experience no set up fees as well.  Regardless of how your invoices are delivered you will be seeing lower costs even if you are currently outsourcing this work.

Consider adding options to your current invoicing process and start lowering or eliminating your billing costs.

Let us help you with your invoice processing.

bill your way, today!



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