Email Invoices


Modernize Invoicing Solutions with Email and Fax as Alternative to Paper Statements

Email cuts costs and makes it convenient for some customers

Paper invoices will continue to migrate to Email until over time printed statements become the exception. YOU may not be onboard with email billing, but the younger generation is!  Medical centers are seeing the trend as their over 65 patients are using email and online payments more and more every year.

Why should YOU be on board?

  • The first incentive is decreased cost.  Sending email invoices cuts your cost by more than half.
  • The second is increased delivery speed. It is received the same day it is sent.  No worries about no Saturday or Sunday delivery!
  • Third, it provides payers with a history of the last 13 statements for comparison purposes or because they lost a statement. This is often a great convenience for customers.
  • The forth reason is sometimes the most important of all.  You can receive payments online through our seamless online payments capability.

The Benefits of an Online Solution

Many of our clients have tried email invoicing on their own.  More often than not, the Internet usage permitted is exceeded—and it all goes downhill from there.  Plus with Bill My Way you get seamless online payments, invoice history, and reminder notices if payment has not been received.


Another feature of Bill My Way email invoicing is that they are secure.  Emails do not have the invoice attached.  A link to our secure site is provided in an email that looks like it comes directly from you! It has your return email address, your logo, and your words.  The payer clicks on the link, logs in, looks at their invoice, and can pay it on the spot! Paper and Fax customers may also sign on, look up billing history, and pay online.

If you are a proponent of email invoices get started today!  If you have your doubts you have nothing to lose.  There is nothing to buy and nothing to install.  Most of our clients have no startup costs at all. Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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