Get Paid Faster


Using the Bill My Way service has an added benefit: we help you get paid faster

Speeding up your accounts receivables process means better access.

We deliver your paper invoices to the post office, complete with an expediting Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB). These barcodes permit tracking; same day when received by 9:30 Eastern time. When your customers receive them, their paper statements have an easy tear perforation and a #9 reply envelope that also uses an IMB to help expedite the returned payment to you.  Your paper billing and payments are received faster. Add online pay through our Bill My Way system, and get paid even faster.

All these efficiencies add up and as they say, “Time is Money“.

Paperless is even more efficient

Our Triple Pay invoicing service goes beyond paper, using U.S. Mail, Fax and Email. When we use Fax and Email, invoices are received by your customers within hours of your secure upload. 

Online seamless payments makes all this a snap. The reason some companies do not realize the full benefit of email invoicing and payment is that the process is not seamless. We allow the payer to view AND pay without moving to a new site.  All that’s required is clicking the “Pay Now” button after viewing their invoice!

Speed up your process by taking advantage of all Bill My Way has to offer.

Let us help you process your billing.

Contact us, today!



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