Invoicing Hassles


Billing: Taking the Pain Out of Your Business Operations

The Hidden and Apparent Costs of Accounts Receivables

For those running their Company, invoicing isn’t an issue—other than the cost!  If only they knew the time and energy that goes into managing billings. Like any critical business function, refining the way you bill your customers, can yield huge savings.

What goes into each invoice?

There’s many elements that go into your billings—often not counted in the costs. Purchasing needs to order envelopes and printed forms based on employee inventory recommendations. Printer supplies and maintenance needs to be scheduled and required staff need to plan on the added and usually unwanted work load. Initially invoices get printed. Resources are then pulled together and folding, inserting, sealing, and affixing postage is required, as rapidly as possible. If multi-page billing is needed, then work is even slower as ALL invoices need to be checked for multiple pages. If special labels or tags are required or invoices less than a specific dollar amount need to be removed, the work is also much slower. All this results in unhappy campers, very high cost, and worse yet, employee turnover.

How much does each invoice cost you?

It is not unusual for a single invoice to actually cost in excess of $1.00 and as high a $3.00 from this process.  Often labor is left out of the equation and other costs, such as the spacee required for these operations are not considered. Upper management may or may not see the hassle, and it’s rare for the true expense involved to be visible, but it exists.

A Simple Solution

Bill My Way takes the paing out of billing. We produce invoices quickly and efficiently, plus we add the capability of email and fax, online payments, customer history and much more.

Let us help. Take the hassle out of billing!

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