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Taking the pain out of your billing operations

The task of producing monthly invoices can be daunting. Personnel need to plan for it, sufficient envelopes and forms need to be available, and postage for your postage meter needs to be available.  There always seems to be a glitch with the process.

“Someone is out sick, we ran out of envelopes or forms last month and forgot to reorder them”, is often the cry of the staff responsible for producing invoices.

In addition envelope and form prices may increase, the postage meter may be down and need repair, and the key person you rely on to get the job done may not available or worse has left the company. Using the Bill My Way system you never have to hear this lament!

Like a lot of things in business we all tend to ignore things when they’re going well. However, a glitch in your invoicing process can affect your ability to operate tomorrow!  The increasing costs in paper product and employee wages and the decreasing morale caused by having personnel using their talents producing invoices makes in-house invoicing a disaster waiting to happen.

Move up to the low cost feature rich options that Bill My Way has to offer

Lower cost, less hassles, more billing options, and get paid faster.  It is truly a win win win process that does not interfere with your ability to return to your in-house processing should you believe that to be necessary.

Discover just how much you can save!

Take the pain out of billing!



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