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Bill My Way helps you modernize your invoicing

Most businesses are accustomed to mailing paper invoices to their customers.  They may hate the cost—and when you truly evaluate the cost per unit, they hate it even more.

The cost of postage over the last decade has increased dramatically. At the same time acceptance of email invoicing continues to grow.

Medical centers, some with over 50% of their patients on Medicare, have, much to their surprise, seen a tremendous growth in this online invoicing and online payments.  To realize cost savings, efficiencies and improvements paperless billing can be to your business, it might just be time for business owners and operators to put opinions aside and embrace change.

Have it your way—offer paper and electronic billing

Shifting from paper to email invoices gives your users options and convenience. Our solution lets you continue to use printed statements via US Mail and fax in addition to email. This ALSO allows your customers to pay online. Migration to electronic billing  is bound to decrease costs AND improve cash flow.

The Bill My Way system does NOT require any specified distribution of US Mail, secure email, or faxes.  Do what is best for your company and your customers.  Rest assured that more customers will accept email invoicing and online payments than you might think.  EVERY customer that changes to secure email or fax reduces your expenses and improves your cash flow.

With options we provide, you could charge for paper

If paper costs more than email invoicing, and electronic statements save you money, then why not speed up migration?

Another powerful option that business owners have is to charge their customers for paper invoices.  That’s right! You can charge paper customers $1.00 or $2.00 if they want to continue receiving paper invoices instead of email or fax. Some of our clients are currently enjoying cost free invoicing now that we provide users with options and charges are applied for paper invoices. It’s something to consider and a way to make your back office more efficient.

To close, our biggest value-add to this equation, is that you do NOT have to change or modify your current software. There is nothing to install and nothing to purchase.

Start your migration to invoice processing savings today.

Let us bring your billing up to speed!

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