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The Case for Outsourcing your Invoicing

Providing billing solutions since 1983

We don’t lightly take on the responsibility of managing billing for our customers. Since 1983, we’ve understood the demand, the pain points, and the discipline required to provide stellar back office services to our clients. We’ve been making the case for outsourcing of invoicing for nearly as long—once company at a time. Our focus on billing creates enormous efficiencies, from paper purchasing in bulk to invoice printing en masse. Our expansion into multiple billing solutions offers our Triple Play Invoicing: U.S. Mail, fax and email.

Leverage our investment, and discover how we can turn your invoicing from a cost to a profit center—and offer your customers online payment and billing history.

Investing in infrastructure: Modernizing Services

Bill My Way was founded in 2007 with a goal of making invoicing simple, easy to use, fast turnaround and low cost for all parties involved. Now companies all over the United States use our secure site to help their customers receive their invoices faster with multi-channel invoice delivery, and pay their invoices faster with online payments. Each year the Bill My Way System adds more features and incorporates customer suggestions into its site.

Address N’ Mail

Building trust for over Thirty Years

Address N’ Mail is our commercial mailing company, formed in 1983 and incorporated in 1991. Located in our 11,000 square foot headquarters, we’re based in Melbourne, Florida, just south of the Kennedy Space Center.

Address N’ Mail produces all the paper invoices required by Bill My Way. Invoicing had been a part of Address N’ Mail’s product line for over 20 years. As the economics of fax, email and online services evolved, we saw the need for a separate company and Bill My Way was launched. We provide options and solutions that empower our customers to be more efficient and customer focused.

Call or email us today and discover what we can do to modernize your accounts receivables.

Better invoice processing from Bill My Way.

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