How Does It Work?

Bill My Way Triple Play Invoicing is our comprehensive solution
that streamlines the billing process.

First, you print your invoices to a file, instead of a printer.

Second, upload your print images, text or database file via our secure site.

Third, upload a file containing account numbers, email addresses and fax numbers.

triple play invoicing

US Mail, Email or Fax

Bill My Way, sends your invoices via any combination of Triple Play: US Mail, email or fax. This can save you 60% or more over your current method—even if you use US Mail for all your billing!

Triple Play changes your Paper Invoicing department from a Cost Center to a Profit Center. You reduce costs by using email and fax—and get paid faster with online bill pay.

Easy Access

Your customers sign in to a custom designed site, view and pay their invoice. Paper invoice recipients may also sign in to view and pay online.

Zero Changes to the Way You Process Billing

  • You do not need to make modifications to your invoice
  • No software fees
  • No Special Licenses
  • Nothing to buy

Upgrade your Invoicing Strategy

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