Invoices by US Mail


US mail is the most common and often the most expensive way to invoice customers

Bill My Way sends paper invoices via US Mail by the millions every year.

Here is what Bill My Way does for you.

  1. Clients use our secure upload site,, to upload their invoice information.
  2. When the upload is complete, the upload page count or file size will show on screen. Additionally, email(s) will be sent to profiled email addresses advising them of the completed upload and its size.
  3. Any time after 60 minutes your file may be processed. Put another way, you have at least 60 minutes to remove the uploaded file before it will be processed.
  4. Your file, under most circumstances, is run through our address standardization software and then through National Change of Address (NCOA), so we have the latest addresses for your customers. NCOA is a requirement by the post office for mail processed through our facility.
  5. Upon completion of this processing, Bill My Way assigns a USPS tracking code for each mail piece. This allows you to track the progress of your mail once it is dropped to the postal service, online.
  6. Bill My Way does NOT use forms when printing invoices—We create the form as we print! Cleaned addresses along with the tracking IMB barcode become part of the statement.
  7. We insert the correct number of sheets into a #10 inside privacy tint envelope along with a #9 inside privacy tint window reply envelope. Invoices containing 5 or more pages are normally placed in a window 9” by 12” envelope.
  8. Postage is affixed and your invoice is on its way.

The assigned mail tracking code will be emailed to profiled email accounts, so the login and password for your mailing can be used to track mail online, as it moves through postal sorting equipment. We use to track mail that leaves our facility.

Online Payment

US Mail paper invoice customers may still take advantage of all our online features including online bill pay.

Timely Processing

All of the above processing is done the same day your invoice is uploaded if received by 9:30 AM Eastern time.

Let us help. Take the hassle out of billing!

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