Invoice and Bill Processing

invoices and bills with paid stamp

Daily, weekly, or monthly invoicing is often considered a necessary evil—where the end justifies the means and cost is not a consideration.

We often hear the refrain, “Postage is postage and what we do in-house can’t be done elsewhere any cheaper or any better”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bill My Way is the off shoot of our mailing company, Address N’ Mail, that has been in operation for 30 years.  We know all there is to know to achieve the lowest postage rate while enhancing the postal delivery cycle.

Safe, Secure and Efficient

We use secure internet connections to receive invoice information that your company wishes to send to its customers. We’ve gone to great detail to ensure that every transaction is protected and archived. We know that your accounts receivables are mission critical.

For paper invoices we print, fold, insert, affix postage, and mail the same day if the upload is received by 9:30 AM eastern time.  We add the capability to use the same information and create secure email invoices or fax invoices seamlessly. We also provide the capability for our customers to accept online payments without any fixed monthly fees.

Let us help you with your invoice processing.

Simplify your billing today!



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