Invoicing Strategy

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Planning for Better Billing

How do you gather and track customer transaction and fees? A typical business will accumulate customer purchase information with the anticipation of invoicing on a monthly basis. Service companies with a base monthly fee plus a variable additional services fee often invoice on a 28 day cycle.  This creates an additional “Month” each year and an 8% increase in revenues just by changing billing strategy to 28 days.  Other companies will bill on a weekly schedule either based on actual usage or some other criteria such a invoicing a specific category of their clients on a specific week of each month.

The Bill My Way solution works with you, anyway you handle it.

Our system allows an easy and gradual transition to email or fax invoicing as well.  Even if you do not expect ANY of your customers to accept invoices other than by US Mail you’ve not only added a CHOICE, you’ve made a rationale to charge for the cost of paper invoices.

Some of our clients effectively pay NOTHING for the mailing of their invoices, their customers pay for it all!

Which strategy is right for you?

With the Bill My Way system staff and other common invoicing details no longer need to be part of your strategy or decision matrix.  There’s no need to be concerned about the availability of staff each and every time invoices need to be sent.  No conflicts with trade shows, absentees, or available footprint to do the job.  All that’s needed is an upload of your data to Bill My Way and your invoices are on the way!

Let us help you with your invoice processing.

Better Billing, Today!



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