Multi-Channel Invoice Delivery

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Today most companies send their billing via US Mail.  Although the trend is moving towards electronic media such companies usually do not have a viable way to utilize email or FAX invoicing.  Even when email invoicing is possible the system in place is lacking features that the biller needs or would like to have.

Triple Play is our multi-channel solution:
Accounts receivable by U.S. Mail, Email and Fax.

Bill My Way provides you with the flexibility to migrate to email and fax solutions in a seamless fashion.

Nothing to buy.  Nothing to install.  No set up fees for qualified companies. No changes in your software.  No violation of proprietary software licenses.

Simply by using the Bill My Way system you can add email and fax invoices to your arsenal.  You also add online payments, email reminder notices, and online access to a 13 month history.

Currently your paper invoices are costing way more than you think as you are probably only thinking of postage, envelopes and  form printing cost. We offer you an instant cost reduction by adding secure email and FAX  processing.  You don’t need to convert every customer to email… although you could. Each customer that accepts them saves you money AND will get you paid faster.

Bill My Way does NOT send email invoices to the payer. It does, however, send an email notice and a link to view their invoice.  Viewing requires a sign in and a password. If you enables the “Pay without Signing In” feature the payer can click on the “Pay Without Signing In” button and go straight to that process.  In all cases they see an email FROM and reads an email created by the you.  It has your logo and all that is viewed is from you. Everywhere the payer goes on the Bill My Way site will look like it is from the you, NOT our service.

Paper invoices cost money.

We mail millions of them every year and we are well aware of the costs even with our postage discounts and our purchasing power for paper goods. Not only do you have a chance to lower the cost of your paper accounts receivable, you can now easily reduce costs, where you can, by changing to email or fax invoices.  As an added benefit you also add online payments, so you get paid even faster.

Let us help. Discover just how much you can save!

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