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Working with your exisiting software, there is nothing to buy or replace with Bill My Way

The entire design of Bill My Way, from the ground up, was built to create a user friendly environment for both the biller and the payer. The challenge was, and continues to be, have high value options that most anyone can use.  We know it has to be. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple) prevails.  To keep it that way we consider any question about our site as an opportunity to improve it and make it simple or easier to understand.

With the plethora of business billing and invoicing software available, it was important to develop a site that makes the Bill My Way system available to all AND simple to use.

How Our Billing System Works

Our customers upload their invoice data from whatever software they have, using our secure upload site.

We create an intentional 1 hour delay, allowing you to delete or resubmit any bill, should you find it necessary. We know from experience that this window helps operators quickly fix an error.  Then, processing begins, so invoices will be in the mail—as scheduled.

To help eliminate any pain, your upload is confirmed in real-time—on screen as well as via email sent to you and any specified personnel.

If mailed, US Mail tracking information will be sent to the Biller so that they may track, via the Internet, their mail as it moves through the US mail system. Secure email’s transmission information is also sent to the Biller.

Our customers find the Bill My Way system easy to use and easy to track what is happening with their invoices.  You should as well.

Let us help you with your invoice processing.

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