Reduced Invoicing Staff


Using Bill My Way to process your billing cuts expenses

Use our solution and focus time on your business, not the billing.

Bill My Way is a full service invoice processing provider. We receive electronic information via the Internet and from that produce paper invoices, email invoices, and fax invoices.  The required staff from the Biller is minimal and is usually someone in the Information Technology Department or in accounts receivable. Cut costs and improve efficiency.

The invoice run is created, stored and then uploaded using our secure Internet link.  Bill My Way does the rest. 

  • No one needs to tend to a printer.
  • No folding.
  • No inserting.
  • No metering of postage.
  • No special trips to the post office.
  • No inventory control of invoice forms, envelope usage, no envelope and forms ordering.
  • No Nothing!

We do it all and mail your invoices the same day if received by 9:30 AM Eastern time. Most of the time employees are relieved that the dreaded invoicing task is no more! They now have the time to do what they were originally hired to do.

Let us help you with your invoice processing.

Simplify your billing, today!



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