Seamless Payments for Easy Invoicing


Simplify Your Billing with Online Payment Options

Removing obstacles for your customers speed up the pay process and improve customer satisfaction.

What exactly does Bill My Way mean when we say “Seamless Payments”? Seamless simply means continuous or smooth. We’ve taken the bumps out of the road, and make it easy for you to provide online payment to your customers.

When your customers use Bill My Way to view and pay invoices it a very smooth process without any challenges—and no changes to the way you currently manage billing.

The payer views the invoice online, clicks Pay Now, fills out the credit card information, and the Biller gets paid.  No need to change to a payment site. No need to change anything.  Bill My Way provides a perfectly seamless transition from viewing to paying.

We sometimes hear, “We’ve tried that before, but we still get paid the old fashioned way.”

Not only are times changing, we most often hear that comment when the transition to viewing to paying the invoice is not seamless.  We make it easy.

Email invoice recipients can also be sent email reminders about payment. Once online and viewing their invoice, payment is a breeze. The easier it is to make a payment the faster the Biller will be paid.

Let us help you with your invoice processing.

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