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Cash used to be king, but in the world of consumer payments, plastic now wears the crown. Studies show that 62% of consumers say they prefer to pay with a signature debit, PIN debit or credit card, while only 32 percent prefer cash.

Are you missing out on sales by not accepting card payments?

Boost Your Business: By accepting credit and debit card payments, you enable customers who prefer to pay with plastic to make purchases from you, thus increasing your traffic, volume and revenue.

  • Online payments help you get paid on time
  • Eliminate the burden of paper checks
  • Faster access to your money
  • Reduced billing costs including postage
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • No software to buy

Zero Changes to the Way You Process Billing

  • You do not need to make modifications to your invoice
  • No software fees
  • No Special Licenses
  • Nothing to buy

Bill My Way, then sends your invoices via any combination of Triple Play: US Mail, email or fax. This can save you 60% or more over your current method—even if you use US Mail for all your billing!

Easy Access

Your customers sign in to a custom designed site, view and pay their invoice. Paper invoice recipients may also sign in to view and pay online.

Upgrade your Invoicing Strategy

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