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Bill My Way billing solutions take the pain out of invoicing

Small business owners often do not consider the impact of delayed payments. Most know they will be paid, they just don’t know when.  So let’s take a look at the payment cycle—and how we can help.

Your IT department or accounts receivables create the invoices typically using proprietary software designed for your type of business or organization. This is often a simple process and the invoices are ready for printing soon after the billing period ends. From this point forward the first step in Payment Cycle begins.

Your invoices need to be processed

That is, they need to be printed, folded, inserted, posted, and dropped to the post office. If you are already outsourcing, your current provider does that for you—without a lot of the features we provide to help shorten your payment cycle. If not outsourced, your in-house efforts begin and the rush is on.

Some organizations spend over 3 man weeks to do a monthly invoice processing. At Bill My Way the 1st step in shortening the payment cycle is in by 9:30 AM and out the same day.

We also enhance the speed that your paper invoice is delivered by affixing an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) with tracking to expedite delivery.  The sooner it is the hands of the payer, the faster you get your money.

Email, Fax and Tracking to Speed Up the Process

Bill My Way offers 2 additional options that use the same software you are currently using: secure email and fax transmission of invoices!

Uploads received by 9:30 AM eastern are delivered via secure email or fax the same day. Not having delays in receipt of your invoice translates to being paid sooner.

To track your paper trail, all invoices are printed on perforated paper and have a window reply envelope that also uses an IMB barcode. Just as the outside envelope improved delivery to the payer, the IMB on the return mail speeds delivery to you. Faster to the payer and faster to you.

No matter how we process your billings your customers will receive them faster than ever before—and so will you. Faster is better, and better invoicing is what we provide.

Let us bring your billing up to speed!

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