Invoicing and Payment Solutions

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62% of consumers prefer to pay their bills online

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Invoicing and Payment Solutions

to get you paid


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BillMyWay Systems Make Getting Paid EASY

For Small to Enterprise-Level Businesses; We have an effective invoicing solution for  you.


• Give your Patients Options
• Improve your Cash Flow
• Reduce Labor and Billing Costs.


Property Management

• Collect Rent and HOA Payments Faster
• Eliminate the Burden of Paper Checks
• More options for Tenants and Prospects


Service Industries

• 62% of Consumers prefer to pay with a card
• Faster Access to Your Money
• Boost Your Business, Traffic and Volume



Bill My Way uses your existing accounting software to send a print file of your invoice data to Bill My Way then distributes those invoices to your customers via any combination of Envelope Mail, E-mail, or Fax.


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Save 60% or more over your current billing method — even if you use US Mail for all your billing!




BillMyWay was founded in 2007 with a goal of making invoicing simple and easy to use. Our mission is to provide fast turnaround and low cost for all parties involved, Billers and Payers.


A commercial mailing house, located in our 11,000 square foot headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. We were founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1991, and have served our customers for over 30 years.


The benefits of using Bill My Way go beyond cost cuts to make you more efficient and off-load repetitive tasks. For over thirty years we’ve been refining the billing process for our clients. We are super-efficient at billing. It’s what we do.

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Multi-Channel Invoice Delivery

Today most companies send their invoice via US Mail.  Although the trend is moving towards electronic media such companies usually do not have a viable way to utilize email or FAX invoicing.  Even when email invoicing is possible the system in place is lacking features that the biller needs or would like to have.

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Invoice and Bill Processing

Daily, weekly, or monthly invoicing is often considered a necessary evil—where the end justifies the means and cost is not a consideration. We often hear the refrain, “Postage is postage and what we do in-house can’t be done elsewhere any cheaper or any better”.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Bill My Way is the off shoot of our mailing company, Address N’ Mail,...

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Invoicing Strategy

Planning for Better Billing How do you gather and track customer transaction and fees? A typical business will accumulate customer purchase information with the anticipation of invoicing on a monthly basis. Service companies with a base monthly fee plus a variable additional services fee often invoice on a 28 day cycle.  This creates an additional “Month” each year and an 8% increase in revenues just...

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