Paperless Billing Solutions

Working Smarter in a Digital Age

Reducing paper not only saves you time and money in the invoicing process, it’s good for Mother Earth. Billing accounts for an enormous amount of paper and waste. Being able to take even a small percentage of your invoices paperless equates to big savings over time.

If you think about it, many of our customers receive an invoice every month. Invoices are an essential part of doing business, but once it’s sent out, that sheet of paper has a limited lifespan. As the world changes the way we communicate and do business, we need to adapt and nothing motivates change like cost. Though it just makes sense to cut expenses where we can, Bill My Way makes it easy for you to accept online payments from your customers and gives them choices about how they receive billing.

As more and more of us use mobile devices, phones and tablets along with our computers, offering better invoicing services adds convenience–and customers deserve the best service we can deliver.

Benefits of a transition from paper to online

  • Reduce paper invoices means less waste and lower costs
  • Your customers may elect to switch to email with a single click
  • Eliminate the need for paper envelopes (going and coming)
  • No more paper processing
  • Migrate to a modern, efficient invoicing and payment system
  • It doesn’t cost… It saves

Isn’t it time to GREEN up your act?

Only mail paper invoices when you have to. Call or email us today and find out how you can cut costs and save time.

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